Wyred4Sound ST500 Power Amplifier

The Wyred 4 Sound ST 500 amplifier is an extremely powerful amplifier at an exceptionally affordable price that will find great appeal among the rabid audiophiles among us as well as to audio newbies and music lovers just looking to choose an amplifier they can live with and be done with their search.

The ST 500 has an excellent bass character. It’s very highly damped and very controlled. Many a listener will hear less boom and less distortion from their speakers but more tune, tone, and articulation in the bass. Such controlled deep bass also makes for better continuity through the upper bass and lower midrange, which builds a better and cleaner bridge to the midrange.

If it’s good music that is the goal here and you’re looking for a high-powered solid-state amplifier, the Wyred 4 Sound ST 500 comes too damned close to the best out there at a price way too reasonable to be ignored.


  • Powered by ICE POWER®.
  • Factory Selectable mains 115/230VAC
  • Thermal protection
  • Over current protection
  • DC output protection
  • Sound optimized soft clip
  • Standard 12V DC Trigger
  • 1/2″ Milled and Anodized Aluminum trim panels
  • Gold plated insulated 5 way binding posts
  • Gold plated unbalanced (RCA) input
  • Neutrik Balanced (XLR) input
  • Exceptional input stage raises input impedance to 61.9K Ohms
  • 17″W x 4″H x 13″D



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