Very Rare Custom-Commissioned Manley Laboratories Reference 800 Monoblock Amplifier (pair)

The Manley Reference 800Watt Monoblocks are the most powerful push-pull production-models. Both the circuit design and the selected componentry have been refined over years and years of development. Reliability that you can depend upon combined with musical accuracy and emotional authority is what these amplifiers promise- and deliver. They are able to switch operation modes allowing the listener to choose between the sonically seductive qualities of triode and the more powerful Ultra-Linear configuration. We use big, beefy reservoir capacitors in the high voltage supplies giving plenty of instant energy for dynamic performance of transient peaks and bass impact and weight which often exceeds that of rival solid-state amplifiers. We run high voltages on the plates of the output tubes but operate them at lower current which will result in their longer life. Although each output tube has its own bias-adjust, We carefully fit each amplifier with computer-batched tubes for optimum performance. The bias adjustment pots and measuring points are conveniently located behind the oval front panel insert.

  • Specially commissioned collector set.  Only few sets in the world – ONLY set in Singapore
  • ALL-TUBE monoblock design utilizing KT90EH Electro-Harmonix Russian output tubes

  • Full power (tetrode): 800W

  • Full power (triode): 400W

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