PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport (with remote)

PS Audio‘s ground breaking PerfectWave Transport (PWTMemory Player stands alone as the ultimate optical disc player ever made. Built from the ground up as a dedicated high-end CD and DVD audio transport, the PWT will read almost any optical disc and output near-perfect digital data to any D to A processor made. The PWT is designed to be the last optical disc player you will ever need. Future-proof and field upgradable, the PWT can read high resolution WAV files or standard resolution CD audio files directly and feed the perfected data to your DAC through standard AES/EBU, SPDIF or PS Audio’s exclusive I2S through HDMI connection for unprecedented performance. Cover art, song titles, track times, sample rates and bit depth are all displayed on the beautiful color touch screen automatically for any inserted disc.


  • Design: Optical Disc (CD) Transport and Memory Player with 64 MB of RAM
  • Codecs: CD, WAV, 24/88, 24/96, 24/192 on DVD-A
  • Can Display Cover Art
  • Outputs: S/PIDF RCA and Toslink, AES/EBU, and I2S through HDMI
  • Sample Rate Output 24/192 Maximum (32 Bit Capability When Applicable)
  • Dimensions: 3.75″H x 14″D x 17″W
  • Weight: 25 Pounds



Editor Note:

The PS in PS Audio stands for “Paul and Stan” – who are the two founders of PS Audio back in 1974 – Paul McGowan and Stan Warren.
This is one transport that you don’t need to bid for COE that will transform your audio hifi journey.


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