Linn Kairn Preamp with pair of Linn LK240 Monoblock Amplifiers

The Linn Kairn represents a new generation in preamplifiers. Its deceptively simple aesthetics
belie the sound performance it achieves, and the flexibility it offers. The pre-amp makes it easy to
get the sound you want and the handset makes it easier than ever to control.

The LK240 Single Speaker Power Amplifier is designed to meet the demands of the most discriminating hi-fi
purist. It aims to deliver more quality watts per pound than any other power amplifier component. With a
versatile and original design using the latest surface mount electronics, the LK240 combines excellent sound
quality with 240 Watts of fully protected output power. This large power capability, combined with ultraprecise signal path design and routing, means that the LK240 can deliver all its performance with absolute
clarity up to the highest volume levels.

  • Type: 240W Single Speaker Power Amplifier.
  • Max Input Power: 400W.
  • Standby power consumption: < 5W.
  • Output power: 240W into 4 Ohms. 125W into 8 Ohms.
  • maximum output: 1.15V rms.
  • Max. output Voltage: 31V rms.
  • Gain: x27 (28.6dB)



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