Collector's Mint Condition Vintage Leak Audio (UK) Sandwich 3090 Floor Standing Speakers

Very rare, well maintained Lead Audio (UK) 3090 Sandwich speakers – sounding great with warmth and refinement.
Probably the only set in Singapore for collection.

History of Leak Audio (now revivied!)

H.J. Leak & Company is a high-fidelity audio company known for its innovative, high-class designs and its robust speakers. As the company was founded in 1934, a significant range of speaker types and options are available from Leak.

Leak speakers accommodate a wide array of uses although most are designed for home or venue use. Leaks most iconic line of speakers is the Sandwich line, named after the technique used to sandwich the polystyrene cone between two thin sheets of aluminum. The most common home use speakers from Leak that you may find include the following:

  • Leak 3090: One of the biggest Sandwich models is the 3090 that features a very sensitive tweeter. This is perfect for those who listen to music with lots of high frequencies as the speakers will respond and play sound fairly accurately.

The Bass speakers are Transmission line speakers that give a good bass which is surprisingly fast and accurate for such big drivers, Having all the Lower midrange higher midrange and the tweeters on the same physical plane means that the imaging is also surprisingly good once setup to your listening position. The sound is really Warm and inviting and totally none fatiguing.

The speaker drivers are all working 100% and there is no distortion even at high volumes.

Weight: 51 kg each (thank god it comes with wheel so you can roll it)

Dimensions: 115 x 50 x 40 cm

Editor Note:
It looks to me like it belong to the movie set of James Bond movies with Sean Connery as 007.



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