Krell KSL Line Pre Amplifier

As a line amplifier, the KSL is close to the state of the art, not far removed from the concept of a perfect potentiometer with gain. As well as gain, the advantage it presents over a passive control is its powerful cable-driving ability, even over long runs, and the addition of a balanced interfacing which can result in lower noise floors in difficult AC-supply situations.

The KSL’s midrange was of very good quality, encompassing clarity and lack of grain, free from hardness or edge-type colorations, and with lively, explicit delivery.

However, it was in the area of dynamics and rhythmic drive that the KSL left much of the competition behind. It was subjectively more articulate, involving, and rhythmically coherent in the true sense of a musical performance, and capable of stretching the best digital replay in this area.

The KSL proved capable of generating a large-scale soundstage with top-class depth and perspective. High transparency is essential for such a performance, and the quality and consistency of stereo focus were also much admired.

Thus the KSL finds itself up with the best available, with a balanced input and output capability to match.


  • Line-level preamplifier.
  • Gain: 10dB (x3). Frequency range: 0.5Hz–550kHz.
  • S/N ratio: 95dB A-weighted.
  • Input impedance: 48.5k ohms.
  • Output impedance: 11 ohms.
  • Maximum output voltage: 9.5V RMS, 28V p–p.




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