Krell KBL Analog Solid State Class A Preamp with external power supply

In a Stereophile review it was said this preamp is not only Class A rated, but that it belongs at the TOP of Stereophile’s Class A rating scale for high-end audiophile grade HiFi equipment.

Please note this Krell preamp does not have a phono (turntable) capable input.
Condition is well-used but still performing magnificently after we did a full recap.

Stereophile Review:

Original brochure:

Solid-state, class-A, DC-coupled, line-level, stereo preamplifier
S/N ratio: 100dB (A-weighted)
Input impedance: 10k ohms
Output impedance: 0.5 ohms
Frequency range: 0.1Hz-250kHz
Voltage swing: 65V peak-peak (23V RMS)
Voltage gain: 3x (approximately 9dB)
Dimensions: 2.25″ H by 19″ W by 12″ D (preamplifier) and 2.5″ H by 9″ W by 12″ D (power supply)
Weight: 27 lbs


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