Harbeth HL5 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers Monitor (UK)

With smoother treble, the HL5 also possessed a sharp attack on transients and stereo imaging was exemplary. Professionals and home enthusiasts will surely warm to this natural, almost anonymous, sound monitor. It can handle reasonably high signal levels without distress.

The bass end has indeed been extended and firmed up to give orchestras, choirs, organs and pop ensembles of all kinds a satisfying depth and solidity. At the same time, careful balancing of the high-frequency end and smooth crossover characteristics have produced an integrated sound devoid of any telltale peaks or troughs. Reproducing pink noise confirmed this overall smoothness, and incidentally revealed the slightly narrowed HF ‘window’. Male speech sounded natural enough to make it seem that the talker was in the room.

System 2 way, 2 speaker bass-reflex system, and book-shelf type
Use unit For low-pass: 20cm corn type
For high regions: 2.5cm dome shape
Play frequency band 50Hz-20000Hz@3dB
Crossover frequency 2000Hz
Output sound pressure level 86dB/W/m
Impedance 8ohms
The maximum input 100W
Dimensions Width 325x height 640x depth of 310mm
Weight 17kg



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