Cambridge Audio Azur 840e High End Pre-Amplifier

Cambridge Audio has taken the Azur 840 series to its peak with the introduction of two new models — the 840E pre-amplifier and 840W power amplifier. The 840E is a high-end pre-amplifier which uses Cambridge Audio’s new proprietary Terrapin™ modules for unprecedented audio fidelity forming the perfect partner for the accompanying 840W power amplifier. A customisable front panel display means tone controls can be selected and stored by nameable input. Volume, input and tone are also all controlled by highly sophisticated relay driven circuits.

Comes with original remote control

Key features:

  • Terrapin™ amplifier modules designed and built by Cambridge Audio
  • Sophisticated resistor ladder and relay based attenuator for volume/balance control
  • Tone controls selected and individually stored by nameable input
  • Balanced output to 840W
  • Input gain trims
  • 8 inputs – two with balanced XLR connections in addition to single ended phono/RCA
  • Customisable front panel display
  • Trigger In/Out to automatically power up/down Azur 840W power amplifier(s)
  • RS232 port, IR emitter In and Control Bus In/Out for seamless integration with custom install systems
  • A-BUS / Incognito Ready connections compatible with Cambridge Audio’s Incognito multi-room keypads or other A-BUS compatible keypads allow the 840E to form the hub of a simple but highly effective 3 zone multi-room system
  • Fixed level inputs allow the 840E to provide the front channel amplification when integrated with home cinema systems that use an AV processor
    • iPod track skip and volume functions
    • Cambridge Audio’s Incognito keypads




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