Audio Music AM R-T1 Dual Mono Valve PreAmp

The R-T1 preamp is a dual mono design, from the transformers, power supply to the voltage regulation, all completely separated to avoid noise and cross talk. We use a large number of high value U-Cap copper foil capacitors, which were carefully chosen for their naturally detailed sound. The output transformers bandwidth will extend from15 HZ to 120KHZ

.The unique design of our new tube preamplifier named “Magnetic AM R-T1” can be implied from the prefix: “magnetic”, which indicates its direct origin from the AM magnetic passive preamp. Not only does AM R-T1 utilise transformers for volume attenuation, it also employs another two transformers for the signal output and two more for power supplies.

The remarkable level of performance has been achieved with an all new audio and power supply circuit design. This new audio circuit is all tube, Class-A, with zero feedback, utilising a total of four long-life tubes (2 x 6H30 as the drivers and 2 x 6922 as the amplifiers); and furthermore, it is a true dual mono circuit design in both the input and output stages, with the support of two volume control transformers.


    • Two transformers for volume attenuation with 33 steps.
    • Transformer output.
    • Independent regulated power supply.
    • The left and right channels are a completely independent dual mono design.
    • Single ended tube Pure Class-A design with a zero feedback audio circuit.
    • Versatility to electrically match any source, amplifier and interconnects, based on a fully magnetic transformer implemented design.
    • MOS-FETS for voltage stabilization and constant current supply.
    • U-cap capacitors in signal path.
    • Detachable IEC power cord.
    • High quality gold-plated AM custom binding posts and RCA jacks.
    • TEFLON insulated wire and Japanese made POCC rectangular solid core copper wire all the way through
    • Precision matched aluminum alloy chassis and exceptional build quality.



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